How it works

Being both a parent and a teacher to your child is no mean feat.
Homeschooling is a worrying prospect and near impossible task when combined with the long list of responsibilities you have as a parent and as a person. Probably not what you had in mind for 2020.

Taking care of your children, making sure they get enough exercise, trying to cover the curriculum, keeping them motivated; it can be overwhelming.

Here at Mighty Maths we knew we had to do something as soon as we heard the homeschooling murmurs.

Mighty Maths is created by teachers and used by primary schools nationwide. Based on the concept of active learning, Mighty Maths fuses physical activity and learning. Why? Because research tells us that physical activity enhances academic achievement and improves focus.

In short, Mighty Maths is a programme delivered in schools that combines maths and movement.

But as you are all too aware, school closures have now happened.

So, we had an idea.

To bring Mighty Maths directly to you.

Step 1

Choose from either a free or premium package.

Premium gives you access to a wider selection of videos, plus more daily maths challenges for your child to take on.

Supporting our NHS heroes is crucial which is why £1 of every Mighty Maths purchase will be donated to NHS Charities Together.

Step 2

Build 15 minutes a day of Mighty Maths into your daily routine. Select your video and get going with your workout!

Step 3

Once you've finished the workout video, select your child's school year. You'll then be presented with your maths challenges, all of which are written by teachers and in line with the national curriculum, so you can rest assured that the questions your children are tackling are right for their age.

The answers are waiting to be revealed, so work can be marked straight away!

What people are saying...

"I love Mighty Maths because it switches my brain on and helps me get my maths questions right."
"The Mighty Maths platform has transformed the way that we can engage our children in maths during lockdown. It's made maths more interesting for them and the workouts help keep them focused."
"Mighty Maths is energising and fun and keeps me active!"
"Mighty Maths is a terrific programme that has clearly proved that it has an impact on cognitive development, physical health and emotional wellbeing."
"Mighty Maths is a great online learning tool. As a primary school teacher I'm constantly looking for ways to engage my children both at school and at home.  My children are in Year One and Year Three and they love the workouts and follow up maths tasks. The low cost makes it accessible for home learning and I'd highly recommend it"
“Brilliant collaboration from people who so clearly care about what's going on at the moment. Well done guys!”

Encourage active learning

Research studies show that physical activity enhances academic achievement and improves focus. So, in combining maths and movement children's physical fitness and academic performance is boosted.

Build maths confidence

Mighty Maths encourages varied but regular work on core arithmetic skills, supporting the development of more complex mathematical skills over time. This fun and frequent practice builds children's confidence and enhances their maths.

Have fun!

Right now we need some fun and that is what Mighty Maths is all about, creating a fun environment in which attainment in maths can be boosted. Plus it's entirely flexible. You can build it into your routine at any time during the day.

Engage & Motivate!

Mighty Maths is a way to re-energise children. Short, simple bursts of physical activity are an instant mood booster, increasing children's enjoyment of lessons and motivation to learn.


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4 fantastic workouts
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Frequently Asked Questions

I've signed up to the 'Basic' package: what's next?

We've tried to make it as simple and straightforward as possible, but if you're still unsure then click here for a video walkthrough of how it all works.

I've signed up to the 'Premium' package: what's next?

There's a lot more on offer with the Premium package. Click here for a video walkthrough of how it all works.

Which payments methods do you accept?

We accept online payments via all major credit and debit cards. To arrange offline payments, or if you have any questions, please contact our sales team.